What Is Nomad Hacker?

Nomad Hacker is a weekly newsletter featuring the best hacks, tools and insights I discover on my digital nomad journey. I’ll show you the entrepreneurial bets I place and reveal valuable details of all the experiments I run. In doing so, I hope to inspire you and give you the necessary insights to start and scale your very own digital nomad businesses.

Who Am I?

I’m Anthony Avedissian and I run two fully remote businesses - a music production company and a strategic consultancy. In other words, I’m a digital nomad.👨‍💻

As a British-Armenian with parents from Turkey, I grew up speaking 3 languages and regularly travelling between London and Istanbul. As melting pots for culture and commerce, these cities developed in me a strong sense of global interconnectedness and ignited my flair for business. Istanbul’s bustling bazaars gave me my first glimpse into the life of an entrepreneur and I was soon selling anything I could, from fresh fish at my local market to imported laser-guns at school back in England.

After graduating, I fell into the world of finance in efforts to develop my business acumen in a more traditional setting. This led me to live in cities across Asia and the Middle East, from Shanghai to Beirut.🛩️

Me in Shanghai with investment banking colleagues from 35+ countries

Unfortunately, my time in finance left me feeling constrained and yearning for more freedom. I decided to leave and co-found my own start-up, Anteo, where I managed a remote team whilst travelling throughout Europe. 🌐

Me with our remote CTO and engineering team

As co-founder, I loved the strategic responsibilities, the freedom to work whenever, wherever and however I wanted, and even the fundraising process! Check out one of my first investor pitches.👇

Naive and only 23 years old, however, Anteo didn’t end well… ☠️

But, by taking the elements of Anteo that worked for me, I quickly co-founded my second business, Django Digital, where I help start-ups with strategy and fundraising.

Since then, my fully distributed team and I have gone on to advise 10+ companies, raising £1M+ in capital and implementing and operating automated, end-to-end sales and account management processes for our clients.

In 2020, by managing Django Digital on a fully distributed basis, I was afforded the time to co-found my third business - a music production company. This led me to rent an Airbnb in Turkey for 4 months, where I lived and worked in a 4-bedroom villa, enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle for the monthly cost of a bottle of vodka at your favourite nightclub in Mayfair. 😉

Me on my balcony in Bodrum

Having returned home to London for Christmas, travel restrictions crippled my options to live the nomadic lifestyle. This wasn’t for lack of trying… I even explored inhabiting residential cruise ships and pirate ships! 🚢

To ensure the next step in my digital nomad journey is ever better than the last, I’ve taken this opportunity to concentrate on optimising my existing businesses, while also exploring new digital ventures.

Why did you start Nomad Hacker?

As the pandemic swept across the globe I realised the world was about to change. With people forced to work remotely, the lessons I’ve learned in the last few years can now apply to almost anyone looking to unchain themselves from the office life and join the Nomad movement.

Over the years, I’ve received so many questions about how I lead my digital nomad lifestyle. While I’m still learning every day, I’ve made it my mission to be a lighthouse for an alternative lifestyle that is just now finding its feet in a fully connected world.

In sharing my digital nomad journey, I hope to inspire you and give you the necessary insights to start and scale your very own digital nomad businesses.

In the meantime, hit me back - are you also a Nomad Hacker? Where are you in your journey?

Get in touch!

Thanks for reading! If you have any comments, feedback, or want to get in touch, please feel free to email me at anthony@djangodigital.co.uk.


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